Montenegro has been known for many years as a sought-after destination for real estate investment, where significant funds are invested in its real estate.

Whether you are seizing upon value opportunities, disposing of assets or actively managing your portfolio, Pesic & Bajceta lawyers understand the market place and a need for fast commercial advice to businesses to deliver planned objectives.

Some of these projects need further good maintenance and legal management, while others need despute resolution due to the most usually contentious relations amongst developers, buyers and sellers.

Understanding the risks involved, your decision is positioned in the right direction to evade any unexpected problems and pitfalls. Our expertise and experience will help you resolve any problem with as little cost as possible.

Communication with your lawyers is critical in these situations. That’s why we will get to know your business and be available when you need us.

At Pesic & Bajceta Law Office, we are able to put any issue, related to the real estate, on its own feet.

As the best partnerships are based on trust,
we have always worked hard to build such relationship with our clients.